Polymer garden delights

Inspired by Christine Dumont’s hollow bead online course, Kukel10 has built a big bead garden ornament that becomes even more interesting up close.

Ruffles, spikes, dots and disks, sit atop stripes and poetry. This piece will spark many conversations in her garden.

As long as we’re touring the garden, take a look at Shay Aaron’s polymer clay beets, radishes and other vegetable delights to wear.

There’s even more food jewelry on his Etsy site. If you have a hankering to grow something polymer, follow one of Shay’s tiny veggie tutorials.

Easy spring polymer

Thanks for making my job easy. I just scroll down the link list and see what’s arrived. Easy-peezy.

UK’s Pippa Chandler made the articulated polymer leaf necklace at the left after studying her daughter’s cloisonne fish pendant.

Rebecca Geoffrey's metal clay and polymer fern

The Netherland’s Els van Haasen (beadelz) created this retro volcano pendant and given the volcano in the news, it seemed only right to show it off.

A silver and polymer fern necklace from Rebecca Geoffrey is part of her newest line and a perfect look for spring. I’m off to pull weeds!