Polymer garden delights

Inspired by Christine Dumont’s hollow bead online course, Kukel10 has built a big bead garden ornament that becomes even more interesting up close.

Ruffles, spikes, dots and disks, sit atop stripes and poetry. This piece will spark many conversations in her garden.

As long as we’re touring the garden, take a look at Shay Aaron’s polymer clay beets, radishes and other vegetable delights to wear.

There’s even more food jewelry on his Etsy site. If you have a hankering to grow something polymer, follow one of Shay’s tiny veggie tutorials.

  • reply Christine Dumont ,

    Kukel10 generous creativity is an inspiration to me. Cynthia, thank you so much for featuring her work on PCD.

    • reply Meisha ,

      Love it!!! So creative, and beautifully executed. I hope Christine offers another on-line class soon.

      • reply Sheri Williamson ,

        Shay’s earrings are très Schrute.

        • reply Randee M Ketzel ,

          I have been watching Shay’s work for a long time–he is one of the absolute masters of the miniature– and so generous to share his methods!

          • reply Anita Brandon ,

            From the gorgeous garden ornament “of SUBSTANCE” to the unbelievably realistic and miniature scale tiny foods,…….. the BIG and small creativity of PC abounds. Thank you Cynthia for bringing it to us.

            • reply Sherry Bailey ,

              Garden art!! Might have to make me something similar!! Cool!

              • reply Tina Wade ,

                I love this!

                • reply Larry ,

                  I’ve tried making garden ornaments, plant stakes, and windchimes but have found that the polymer mildews and discolors rather quickly and becomes very unattractive. So disappointing to spend hours making a windchime with a beautifully colored parrot perched on a cane, only to watch it turn black on the patio. I would appreciate suggestions from others. How does one create polymer ornaments for outdoors that will retain their beauty?

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