Polymer therapy

Mira Pinki Krispil used polymer to heal her hands on PolymerClayDaily.com

Mira Pinki Krispil surrounds her pieces with women and that feels comfortable for a Monday. The faces seem concerned and connected.

The polymer portraits have been cured on a 6 1/2″ marble vase. The other side of the vessel is covered with Mira’s bright millefiore flowers.

Some years ago she came to polymer after enduring eight surgeries on her hands. Working with clay was part of her occupational therapy and she used it to document her recovery. “Since then I can’t stop creating with this amazing material,” Mira admits.

Slight detour

PCDaily doesn’t often stray off topic but Meg Hannan’s fabric jewels are too close to our way of thinking to ignore. Picture millefiori using fabric, beads and glue instead of polymer.

If you like to cane, your brain may overheat as you cruise through her beautiful photos and videos. And if you spend more time than you should on her site, you can blame Jana Roberts Benzon for sending us the link.

Vacation detour

I’m visiting my new grandson this week…the absolute best early holiday present. Expect short, sweet, sentimental posts. I begin with this little ornament from Lisa Haldeman. Here’s the original link.