Haldeman’s polymer babies

The one-inch polymer clay babies by Pennsylvania’s Lisa Haldeman (LovinClayDolls) make me want to try my hand at these little gems. The pacifiers add a note of color and humor and circumvent the problem of shaping a delicate mouth.

Lisa makes it look deceptively easy. She’s been practicing for years and has five little models running around her house. In school Lisa’s art teachers told her she worked too small. She’s been making tiny delights ever since. Look here and here.

Last minute studio shopping

I need four gifts for my ladies group and I decided to play with a new design. Last minute, new design? What was I thinking? I was trying to do something “special” and forgot that, to my friends, my work is special. I’m fighting my holiday gift angst. You too?

McCaw on Etsy

Sandra McCaw has joined the ranks of Etsy sellers! It’s such a treat to see her work and know that I can shop at any time. Many thanks to Susan Lomuto for alerting us.

  • reply Lisa Clarke ,

    Those are great little babies 🙂

    Holiday gift angst – that’s a good way of putting it, and I can identify! Hope you have a Merry Christmas!

    • reply Patricia Kramer ,

      fantastic! I love these!

      • reply mary tempesta ,

        These are some of the cutest things I’ve ever seen!

        • reply Slight detour ,

          […] I’m visiting my new grandson this week…the absolute best early holiday present. Expect short, sweet, sentimental posts. I begin with this little ornament from Lisa Haldeman. Here’s the original link. […]

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