Caning, back to polymer clay’s roots

Colorful, controlled, contemporary canes from three different artists. Marcia of MarsDesign, Ronit Golan, and Rebecca of RGCreations. The millefiori, image-building and kaleidoscope processes that drove the development of our craft remain strong today as exhibited by these fine examples. Visit their sites to see how they’ve refined their techniques.

My studio’s reconfigured and waiting for me to do a little caning.

  • reply Melanie West ,

    Delightful cane work – Brava to three terrific caners! I especially like Marcia’s black and white canes. Keep it comin’!

    • reply Jenn ,

      Love the canes, but like Melanie, I think I like the black & white cane best. Makes me wonder how a variation would look in black & translucent. Hmmm…

      But… I really wanted to comment on the studio. Lovely transformation. I’m coveting those Elfa wire baskets, but my wallet cringes when I even think of going to the Container Store.

      Happy Creating!

      • reply Cody ,

        Nice canwork. Thank you so much for your dedication to showing us all the potentials of Poly clay. I have been a daily reader and explorer of your site since July. Your digest is a nice resource for inspiration.

        • reply Thoryke ,

          Ah, but when you have the cabinetry done by your spouse, the $ saved on labor means the baskets are not _so_ much of an extravagance…

          Everything looks great! Enjoy the new space [And, of course, be aware that we’re all jealous of you having a cabinet-maker on call…]

          • reply Nancy Thornton ,

            I am in heaven. Your work is absolutely wonderful. I wish I had your talent. Keep up the wonderful work ane know that you are making people happy.

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