Polymer flattery

Claire Wallis rolls polymer into shells

The UK’s Claire Wallis builds a cane pattern, backs it with white and shapes it into an imitation cone shell. A bit of weathering with paint and sand paper completes the effect.

Claire Wallis rolls polymer cane slices into shells

Claire loves to simulate nature. PCD has featured her water cane, her faux agate, her polymer knitting and now shells.

Mother Nature must be flattered with all Claire’s imitations.

Beach creatures in polymer

Harris on PCDaily

Haven’t you been inspired by those big sculptural shells on the beach and wondered what they could illustrate?

Christine Harris says of her work, “Horseshoe crabs have copper based blue blood that is used by the medical industry for its antibacterial qualities and is still being studied. Basically they milk the blood from the horseshoe crab and try to release it but many of them do not survive.”

She usually does “lots of nerdy research”  on the creatures while she works and often explains their meaning on her blog when they’re finished. Be mesmerized by the work-in-progress shots from this Virginia art therapist and sculptor.

Next week’s posts may be sporadic as I celebrate FIMO50 in Germany. Cut the cake and sing with us virtually as we look at what it means to turn 50. 

Imitating shells

Holden on PCDaily

Tina Holden creates realistic Hawaiian Opihi limpet shells with a set of silicone molds and a tutorial. The starburst texture and jagged edges make interesting designs beyond shells too.

Tina’s a coastal girl from British Columbia and she excels at shells (plus molds and silkscreens). She likes to experiment with new shapes and techniques. Read about her on her blog, Facebook and shop her on Etsy and her website shop.