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Tina Holden creates realistic Hawaiian Opihi limpet shells with a set of silicone molds and a tutorial. The starburst texture and jagged edges make interesting designs beyond shells too.

Tina’s a coastal girl from British Columbia and she excels at shells (plus molds and silkscreens). She likes to experiment with new shapes and techniques. Read about her on her blog, Facebook and shop her on Etsy and her website shop.

  • reply Pat ,

    It’s difficult to discern which is real and which is polymer! Lovely work Tina!

    • reply Tina ,

      Cynthia! Thanks so much for the Plug! Such a super-nice surprise! Seeing your posts of others are always so inspiring and cheerful, the daily Chocolate if you will and BAM, then seeing one of my own things pop up… Wahooooo!!! Double dose of chocolate! thank you! 😀
      Figuring out to recreate realistic things from nature and other is one of my deep passions. Expect more from me in the near future…

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