Polymer for regeneration

Regeneration is the title of this polymer and mixed media sculpture from Christine Harris. An artist and art therapist from Virginia, she uses her artwork as “…a record of the pathways that I have taken in my process of becoming.” On her blog she shares the very personal and poignant stories behind her work. She’s featured in the first issue of the new ThePolymerArts magazine.

She adds that, “As important as it is for me to use my art to make sense of the world, it is just as important that viewers take their own experience from my work and the juxtapositions in my artwork leave room for their personal interpretations.”

What courage it takes to put so much of yourself in your art! How much do you reveal in yours? Have an inspired weekend.

Generating new ideas thanks to Williamson and Blackford

Genevieve Williamson (Jibby and Juna) shows off a fetching necklace with 60 polymer clay dots on a silk cord. Simple and lots of fun. Her fresh designs created from uncomplicated processes and compelling color surely point the way to the future of our craft.

Blackford's tin apple polymer clay shrine

No PowerPoint progress on my Synergy presentation but lots of encouragement from you readers and calming influences from this personal shrine (note the tin apple) made by Leslie Blackford.

The animation in the right column (via SwissMiss) helps out with timely tips for better ideas. That’s it. No more talk about my angst. I’ll share the results with you after the event.

Mika’s polymer mosaic muse

Laurie Mika added a few new polymer clay mosaics to her Facebook page and this one “Waking the Muse” seemed appropriate since I’m leaving for the Tennessee/Kentucky retreat today to wake my muse. The little pockets on the skirt of this character are filled with pencils and brushes.

Her “Home Sweet Home” shrine is a comforting reminder of what we value in these chaotic times.

If you’re adept at navigating Facebook, be sure to check out the other pictures Laurie has uploaded. My Facebook page is ctinapple. Join me there (though I’m not terribly sure how the whole thing works).