From the rabbit hole

This is what happens when I’m writing StudioMojo, searching for cool tidbits. Right down the rabbit hole, I fall. This week I ended up in Belarus with Solar Bird on Instagram.

Aren’t Kseniya Iokhna’s cutout earrings just perfect?

Then I started thinking about my neglected Silhouette machine and how I could fire it up and start cutting polymer again. There are far too many distractions out there in polymerlandia. How will I ever get this week’s news covered at this rate?

Somehow I do get back to writing. We’re on our 376th issue! Amazing! Join us on Saturdays at where we die-hards spend some guilt-free time savoring the juicy bits that flow by.

Celtic cutout bowl

Bonham on PCDaily

Vermont’s Mags Bonham has some techno tricks up her sleeve that she’ll be teaching on Friday¬†evening at the Cabin Fever confab in Maryland. The polymer layers for this 4″ green bowl were drawn on her computer and cut with her Silhouette machine.

Here she builds up contrasting layers to boost the thin clay’s strength. The bowl has a Celtic look perfect for St. Patricks Day.

Bonham on PCDaily

Mags started running polymer through her cutter in order to make the hops charms that she creates for her beer gear. She sells beer-themed items on Etsy and on the artisan beer circuit.

Mags expanded her repertoire to flowers and has taught a Silhouette/polymer how-to lesson on Craftcast. Now she’s adding bowls. What next? Read more on her Facebook page, on Flickr¬†and on Pinterest.