Garbe’s jewelry with a story

The video at the right and a storybook accompany the latest polymer creations from Illinois artist Linda Garbe.

As I watched, I got caught up looking at her Dream Machine and admiring her fingers effortlessly building complicated structures. I had to listen a second time to follow her melodious words. While many artists have stories that inform their work, few have documented them in such a thorough and novel way.

Linda created four necklaces called Jewelry With Stories to Tell specifically for Chicago’s One of a Kind show. This one is called Standing in the Center of Spring. Three more necklaces are similarly captured on Linda’s YouTube page. Here’s her Etsy gallery and her home site. Thanks to Dee Wilder who sent along the link.

Maggio sees red!

Maggie Maggio’s split ring design has been a great success. Here’s the video tutorial in case you missed it. Photos of the results have been coming in from artists around the world. The chain at the left is from Vancouver’s Barb Alexander.

What does Maggie want to see during her vacation in Italy? Red! Real Pompeian red, to be exact. It’s taken this consummate colorist a while to settle down, put polymer colors aside and just enjoy her month-long vacation with family. Check out Maggie’s site updates as she moves on to the Mediterranean blues.

Have a colorful weekend.

Loose Ends

Bids are flying in the second round of the auction to benefit Ponsawan Sila’s daughter. You have until noon Monday to get in on the action.

Nominations for IPCA board positions are due in by October 29. Read more here.

Ford/Forlano video

Here’s a 4-minute video that gives you a peek into the process and production of Ford/Forlano metal and polymer clay artworks. Those of us who’ve been around a few years will appreciate a glimpse of their canes from yesteryear still squirreled away in the studio. (Go here for a full view.)

That these two have been able to collaborate, evolve, and succeed in polymer clay since 1986 is quite remarkable.

Their links led me to a fun fashion show at SandraWebster and to a preview of the prestigious Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show. And whose name did I spy in the "emerging artists" category? Melanie West with her biobangles! Congratulations to Melanie and thanks to David and Steve for the studio tour.

Leslie Blackford and Ira Glass – Keep making art

I’m allowing myself an existential moment. And Leslie Blackford’s polymer clay figure says it all (the mask flips up to reveal a much less benign character).

I’m doing a little self-talk about how to be a studio artist. Who knew the prospect would panic me? Here’s a great little video piece by Ira Glass. It’s not my usual Friday fare but this is special.

I love the idea of closing the gap between your good taste and the quality of the work you produce. Have a special weekend.