Fantasy flowers from Korringa

Kim Korringa's polymer fantasy flowers

If yesterday’s post put you in a flowery mood, you’ll want to follow today’s links to Kim Korringa’s garden. She posts her signature whimsical caned designs on her web site. Kim’s fish cane tutorial is a popular one.

On her Etsy site she lists one-of-a-kind designs like this multi-color fantasy flower necklace backed with stripe-edged black disks. Pure spring.

Judy Belcher sent the link along. The sun is shining and spring is on its way. Have a springy, sunny weekend.

  • reply Anita Brandon ,

    Really lovely and uniquely HERS. For some reason they remind me of ancient Spanish mosaics.

    • reply Jeannie ,

      The necklace is hypnotic. Her shop is full fun colorful designs.

      • reply Lani Chun ,

        Kim, your flowers always make me happy!

        • reply Dede Leupold ,

          I love her color choices and the happy feeling she conveys in her work. I have one of her cat pins and is one of my favorite pieces!

          • reply Jeanette ,

            Your work is so inspiring Kim.

            • reply Judy ,

              Took Kim’s flower class at Cabin Fever last year – even her handout for the class was clever and colorful

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