A certain mentalitea

PCDaily hasn’t visited Nova Scotia’s Kate Church for two years and when she appeared on the DailyArtMuse, it was time to look again. Kate’s mixed media jewelry, like this polymer-faced Red Queen, resides in theatre boxes when they’re not being worn.

Her droll dolls and puppets may frown but they dance joyously. They have, as one show was entitled, A Certain Mentalitea that you can experience here.

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  • reply Judy Belcher ,

    OOOOOOH, this work! Checking her site right now to see where she is teaching. So drawn in by her work, would love to just hear her talk about it.

    • reply Nena ,

      Oh, wow! Really amazing work.

      • reply Alice Stroppel ,

        ohhh…….love, love, love, her work. Thanks for this link for sure.

        • reply Marlene Brady ,

          What a wonderful way to start my day! I just finished scrolling through Kate’s blog and adding her to my Google RSS feed. Thank you for re-visiting her!

          • reply suzanne ,

            wow, her art is so cool!!

            • reply Randee M Ketzel ,

              She was just here in Texas last weekend for a 3 day workshop at the North Texas Guild–as you may imagine, they were full up! She seems like an incredible teacher.

              • reply Babette ,

                Kate indeed taught one of the best workshops I’ve ever taken. She is a sweet gentle spirit with the patience of a saint! We’re definitely having her back to teach us some more. She taught how to mold faces and how to change them up – an easy way to make hands and pose them any way you want as well as graceful ballerina feet. Then she showed us how to draw out a pattern and make clothes. It was a packed workshop and every single person absolutely loved everything about it. Have her come teach – you will be glad you did!
                Vice President, Workshops
                North Texas Polymer Clay Guild

                • reply Varda ,

                  Love, love love Kate’s work. Thanks to Susan Berkowitz Kate gave a wonderful workshop here in San Diego.

                  • reply Cynthia Becker ,


                    Thank you for featuring one of my very favorite polymer artists! I had not seen her work in awhile and happily signed up to follow her new blog. I would so love to attend one of her workshops.

                    • reply Adara ,

                      Love your work I’m new at this very new need sites to get help & and Ideas

                      • reply sandra ,

                        Kate Church’s work is out of this world i wish I could be like her.

                        • reply sandra ,

                          I admired Kate’s dolls there are unique!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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