Indiana's Camille Young is today's discovery by way of Naama Zamir in Israel. Small world.

Not only is Camille new to me (she's 25 and recently moved from Arizona to Indiana) but I was also unfamiliar with the Lumina clay which she uses. Camille says, "The clay comes only in transparent white so I mixed in acrylic paints to get all the different colors."

I'm absolutely tongue-tied about her work. Rather than try to explain it, you'll have to go look for yourself. Camille is a talent we'll want to watch closely. She's got lots of work on the web to see at Flickr, her own site and some art sites. Many thanks to Naama for the link.

And don't miss the short video on her blog (it's the first post under "blog"). 

  • reply Shirley ,

    Neat stuff…Can you make canes with it?

    • reply Michelle ,

      Wow! I love her flower pins. The colors are gorgeous! If you have a chance, float around her site and you will come across a link to a website that she and her husband have together. Her husband talks about how he proposed and it just too cute!! I love finding out a little about a person when I visit their website.

      • reply Barbara Forbes-Lyons ,

        Lumina is an air-dry resin clay from Japan that is frequently used for artificial flower arrangements like the ones found here:

        • reply Jael ,

          Wonder if it’s like Makin’s Clay.

          • reply Camille Young ,

            Wow, thanks so much! What a wonderful surprise! I actually just moved back to Tucson and now I have lots of new inspiration 🙂

            • reply sari0009 ,

              Just beautiful. This clay has the properties to carry floral/organic designs I’ve been dreaming of! Inspiring artist, inspiring clay! (Thinking of as inspiration along with what I see today.)

              I’m going to try some of the Lumina clay after I use up my UL (Ultralight), Premo, and III Sculpey.

              Thanks for sharing!

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