These lovely little alien creatures (very marshmallowy) have been taking shape beside me in the hands of Dayle Doroshow. Not only are they tactile and and playful, they also glow with a hint of glitter (hard to capture here).

I always thought that Fimo's glitter clay had little use and found its color range too limiting. Dayle thought so too until she started mixing it into her usual palette. The resulting colors are delicious.

It's such fun to make these discoveries (I can resurrect that old glitter clay) when you're just playing around and leaning over talented friends' shoulders.

  • reply Jan Crandell ,

    Please correct “it’s color range” in 2nd paragraph to “its color range.” Otherwise lovely.
    Hope you are having fun.

    • reply Jessica Tropp ,

      I couldn’t find these on her website. Help!

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