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I'm working with clay this week on vacation! I'd forgotten what fun it is to try something new. Much as I shy away from featuring my own work, I just had to show you this.

I have kept printouts from fiber artist Liz Alpert Fay in my idea book and decided to build a cane similar to her "Compass Variations" hooked rug as an exercise in pattern deconstruction and cane building.

CT  Liz Fay imitation

I'm not so sure they work as beads but the flat cane slices are spot on the original pattern. I've got to hand it to Lindly Haunani and Maggie Maggio. Had it not been for their color coaching over the years, I'd never have been able to do this. And many thanks to Liz Alpert Fay for her great rugs, pillows and inspirations.

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    • reply Mary Fassler ,

      I just wanted to tell you that your work is lovely!!
      Thanks for sharing yourself, your work, and your site!

      • reply Michelle ,

        I’m a rug hooker and fan of Liz Alpert Fay, as well as a polymer clay addict. I think your canes are wonderful! I love it when different medias are “mixed” to create a wonderful new art.

        • reply Melanie West ,

          I for one think you should show your work more often! 😀 Lovely color work!

          • reply Jana Roberts Benzon ,

            I’m with Melanie, Cynthia….your color choices are wonderful… some of my favorites, and you’ve done a perfect job of combining them. And, yes, it’s _your_ blog…show us your stuff more often!!

            • reply Lindly ,

              What a wonderful job you did of capturing the colors and the feel. I can hardly wait to see these in person. Lindly

              • reply MrsTreasurefield ,

                I just think this is so *attractive*, in the broad sense of the word: it draws me in to keep looking and looking. I think it’s a combination of the patterns and the colorful-ness!
                I vote for seeing more of your work, too!

                • reply Liz Alpert Fay ,

                  I appreciate your being upfront about using my work for inspiration, and I am flattered that you find my work inspiring. However I do have the following posted on my web site and would appreciate being asked in the future.
                  (Copywrite symbol) 2002-2006 Liz Alpert Fay
                  All text and photographs on this site are the property of Liz Alpert Fay,and may not be reproduced without written permission”.

                  I make every effort to drive traffic to the artist’s site which normally overrides copyright concerns. I will respect Liz’s wishes.Cynthia

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