Good Intentions is the name of this polymer clay piece from South Carolina artist Beth Bullman Regula. She uses polymer to create relief paintings as well as small and large sculpture. This new artist link was discovered by Susan Rose.

Lindly Haunani talks about the necessary steps in the art process:

  • gathering
  • intentioning
  • doing
  • refining
  • sharing

and how important it is not to get stuck in any one part of the process. Good Intentions…an appropriate way to close out our week of looking ahead and to expanding our polymer clay horizons. Have a lovely weekend.

  • reply Sherry Bailey ,

    Wow! How different from the usual uses of polymer this work is! A breath of fresh air! I love it!

    • reply Lisa Gauthier ,

      Interesting how these mostly Polymer Clay works are labeled “Ceramic Sculpture” as a group? Still fighting the stereotype! But anyway, these are beautiful scupture, love the one with the ribbons!

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