A little fun and self-promotion here. A recent post on Susan Lomuto’s site got me thinking about some penny-quilt canes that I had tired of, cut up, baked and bagged months ago. I intended to mount them on the wall and this was just the motivation I needed.

Some hot glue and an hour later, I had embellished the wall. My feeling is that it’s not finished but the next step’s not clear. The floor is calling for a few cane slice inlays.

I’ve claimed the wall, saved some canes from oblivion and amused myself. Thought you might enjoy.

  • reply Lunes ,

    Oh wow what a fantastic idea – we are just about to start decorating our baby’s nursery and I was thinking of a mosaic….this is even better!

    European Guild of Polymer Clay People

    • reply Julie ,

      What a very cool idea! And they look terrific against that midnight blue wall….

      • reply Susan Turney ,

        What a great idea!!!!! I’m looking around for a good spot as I type!!!!!

        • reply Melanie ,

          Oh Cynthia! You should ‘self promote” more often! A terrific idea and a delicious cane. I wish I could see the other canes up close. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Thank you so much for sharing your work.

          • reply Jean Melton ,

            Like Susan Turney said…a great idea and looking for a spot to do it…..But alas, I am in a small house and hardly any wall space left….shelves shelves all over the place……but I bet I find a place…>S

            • reply ann staub ,

              I just love! I’m going home to decorate.

              • reply Lynda ,

                CLAP! CLAP! CLAP! I can only applaud!!!!!
                It is really a superb idea!!!!!
                once again CLAP! CLAP! CLAP!

                • reply Garlinda Price ,

                  I love the wall, how gorgeous against the blue background!!

                  • reply Darlene ,

                    Wonderful and whimsical! I think you have started something fun!

                    • reply Kim Cavender ,

                      It looks fantastic Cynthia! And what everyone may not know is that the handrail on Cynthia’s stairs is also inlaid with polymer clay. She’s a wonderful artist!

                      • reply DrMom ,

                        Phenomenal idea… my hat is off to you!

                        • reply Lisa Clarke ,

                          I love it!

                          • reply sandra ,

                            Way cool! They look like fanciful bubbles blowing up out of the heating vent on the floor just below them. And the polymer inlaid hand railing that Kim mentioned is reflected in the window of the door. You go girl!

                            • reply Amy Crawley ,

                              It looks great Cynthia! I love the color combinations. Now you’ve given me some ideas for studio decorations. Thanks for the inspiration.

                              • reply Melanie West ,

                                Hmmmm… I left a comment here about an hour and a half ago using my PDA and it hasn’t shown up. Well, let’s try it again…

                                Wow, Cynthia! You should indulge in self promotion more often! I love your stuff. What a fantastic idea, and I love the cane you highlighted. Delicious! I want to see more!!! How about a photo of the handrail? (Thanks Kim!) ๐Ÿ˜‰

                                • reply Kathi ,

                                  what a great idea! I have a feeling a bathroom wall is about to get additions to it here in central Ca.!! Or the door at least. Maybe if I get it done before the DP returns home from work I won’t get into too much trouble *g*

                                  • reply Sherry Bailey ,

                                    That rocks, Cynthia! I would be too pragmatic to glue stuff on the wall — but I admire the look and the way the canes tie in to the handrail you can see thru the door… Maybe you should try out for HGTV’s “Design Star” show and be the first Polymer Clay Decor Diva!! ;^)

                                    • reply Barb aka rubarb ,

                                      What a fabulous idea Cynthia…I love how your mind works!

                                      • reply Susan Lomuto ,

                                        I think you may have started a trend Cynthia! So glad that Jennifer Prichard’s work resonated with you. That’s my goal with PCNotes – to poke and prod and tempt people to think outside the box regarding polymer clay. Sounds like you were already there and my post was a gentle reminder. How lucky for all of us! Can’t wait to see what else you do…

                                        • reply Amanda Valley ,

                                          I absolutely love it! I wonder how my DH would feel if he came home one day to that!!
                                          You should definitely self-promote more often!

                                          • reply Jill ,

                                            Mine would become cat toys. ๐Ÿ˜‰

                                            • reply Lindly Haunani ,

                                              Bravo! The background color is stunning and you very may well start a new decorating trend- Martha would totally grok this. play on.

                                              • reply Aja ,

                                                How unique! I’m wondering for those of us who move frequently if those adhesive dots that are removable would work- then you could change your arrangement when the feeling hits ๐Ÿ˜‰
                                                Wonderful idea Cynthia!

                                                • reply Maniguette ,

                                                  What a wonderfull idea! I will soon have to decorate my daughter’s new room and this seems very cool for a teenager. Thanks for sharing your ideas with us.

                                                  • reply Adelie ,

                                                    I just love it !

                                                    • reply Libby Mills ,

                                                      Such a great and beautiful idea! Like wall jewelry. And it’s cool that the idea was sparked in part by Susan’s blog. I love the creative energy sharing from artist to artist.

                                                      • reply Rebecca Geoffrey ,

                                                        I am digging through my stash of canes right now. What a fabulous idea. I think there will be many “variations on a theme”.
                                                        I can’t wait to see more pics!

                                                        • reply leslie ,

                                                          You are brilliant! I am blown away, this is one of my most favorite things ever! Clever clever lady.

                                                          • reply Laurie Mika ,

                                                            Wow, Cynthia, what a very cool idea! So glad you shared it. I LOVE the giant canes and the way they look against the dark blue backdrop…..it reminds me of Hundterwasser. (sp?) Your house looks fun and very artsy. It would be fun to have people post pictures of their creative spaces, whether it’s their studio, or another part of the house….I always love seeing how people who are creative live!!!

                                                            • reply Marci J ,

                                                              This is awsome! This is inspiring and brave! I absolutely love the colors, design of the cane, everything!! I tried posting before. My apologies if it’s a double-post.

                                                              • reply Rene ,

                                                                Wow! Try as I will I just can’t see digging holes in a hardwood floor. How brave you are!

                                                                Your creation is wonderful and shows what terrific co-operation you have from your mate. Lucky lady!!!!

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