• reply Loretta Lam ,

    wow Melanie – you’ve been busy. Your site looks great – I love the “inked” bangles and the Louise earrings are yummy.
    Kisses and congrats.

    • reply Bettina Welker ,

      Congratulations on the feature, Melanie! You really deserve it. Your face canes are great (as is the etched work)


      • reply Melanie West ,

        Oh, Cynthia! You have made my day – no, week! No, Month!! I am so honored to be featured in PCD. Many, many thanks!

        And thank you, Loretta, for your kind words, my dear. 😉

        So… does any body want some face canes? It seems my muse over did it, and I have way too much! Seriously! lol

        • reply Melanie West ,

          Ach, you jumped in before I had posted my first comment… so, a belated thanks to you, my dear. You are very sweet! 🙂

          • reply Ronna Sarvas Weltman ,

            What a beautiful voice in clay! And fabulous use of color. Whimsy and sophistication and pure creativity. Bravo, Melanie, and thanks for getting my day off to such an inspirational start.

            • reply jana ,

              Wow, Melanie….a huge Brava! to you. How very cool to see this new direction (well, several new directions!). As Ronna said, it is so inspirational to see new, unusual and interesting art from someone who already had a ‘look’. You go, friend….if I have the right to say I’m ‘proud’ of you, then I’ll say it….I’m so proud of you!!

              • reply Libby Mills ,

                Melanie, it’s so great to see a fresh take on face canes! And like others I love the fun and bright etched earrings. Your trip to Europe this summer has really spurred you on.

                • reply Kim Cavender ,

                  Beautiful work as always, Melanie! I’ll see you soon!

                  • reply Betsy Baker ,

                    I already hearted (Etsy speak) the face canes. I’ll try to snag an Etsy Treasury – my theme will be “faces”, just so I can feature your beads! Love them!

                    (for those not familiar with Etsy Treasuries, check them out (222 of them that change every 2 days). They are an awesome reflection of the talent that lives on Etsy:

                    • reply Nicki ,

                      So great to see you here Melanie. I often read your blog and wish I could have made it to Camden for your show. Beautiful work.
                      Nicki in southern Maine

                      • reply Michelle Davis Petelinz ,

                        Gorgeous stuff, Melanie! I’m partial to the chunky beads in your necklaces, and of course the glorious colors in your cuff bracelets. A feast for the eyes, for sure.

                        • reply Tina Wade ,

                          Melanie, thanks for succumbing to your muse the results are fantastic.

                          • reply catherine ,

                            It’s really beautiful Melanie. Bravo!!!

                            • reply Sarah ,

                              Just darling, Melanie. Love the original faces and the earrings both.

                              • reply Nadja ,

                                Congratulations Melanie! I’m so happy to see you featured here! ;oD
                                Sending you a big hug!

                                • reply Lunes ,

                                  Melanie – your work is great, I love the cuffed bangles…wonderful.

                                  • reply vivi ,

                                    wonderfull !!! I love this … thank you very much !!

                                    • reply Melanie West ,

                                      Thank you so much, everyone! You’re making me blush! You are all so very sweet. 😀

                                      • reply Martha Aleo ,

                                        Melanie- Your artistry has grown exponentially. Not only have you found your voice, you are learning new languages. Can’t wait to see what you do next. Congratulations!!!!!

                                        • reply alev ,

                                          I love the way of using transclusent PC,congratulations…

                                          • reply Julie Picarello ,

                                            Fabulous Faces! I’m also a huge fan of the Cozzi-inspired earrings…lovely colors and shapes. You go, Melanie!

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