Geoffrey’s Indie Streak

Here’s a wintry looking polymer clay piece from Rebecca Geoffrey in wintry Ontario. Her designs have a clean, clear, precise feel to them. Very appealing.

Rebecca runs with the Etsy/Indie crowd and I’ve been cruising through the Indiepublic site to try to figure it out. There’s so much to see, oodles to learn. What to join? Where to put my energy?

I panicked this evening when the PCD site went down. “Loading issues,” the server tech calmly told me. Yes, this is the weekend to deal with our “loading issues” as we look at the year ahead.

  • reply Jennifer ,

    So nice to see yet another fellow PCAGOE member featured! Looks wonderful and great work, Rebecca.

    • reply jana roberts benzon ,

      I’m so taken with Rebecca’s work…just love it. I’ve gotten lost in the ‘indiepublic’ world as well….almost couldn’t get out! So much to see, and so many artists to discover!

      • reply Rebecca Geoffrey ,

        Thank-you so much! I have been reading this wonderful blog every day and to be featured…well I can’t tell you how special that is to me. Thank-you Cynthia!

        • reply Tracey Ashdown ,

          I have the pleasure of knowing this remarkable artist, her work flows beautifully, her color combinations are easy to wear and very flatering . She really enjoys her work and is passionate about polymer clay and all of this comes through in her work.

          Everyone NEEDS a Rebecca Geoffery pendant!!!

          • reply Carolyn Stearns ,

            From the moment I first saw Rebeccas beautiful work I loved it, she lets the clay speak for itself, it doesn’t need ink, glitter, paint, foils or anything else, just the clay and her beautiful inspired work speak for itself! Love, love, love it!

            • reply Julie Picarello ,

              Beautifully eye-catching and intriguing work…hope to see more from this artist!

              • reply Mandi Koss ,

                Rebecca, are you working on any books or tutorials on your technique? I would certainly purchase a book or ebook if you ever made one. Your work is awesome!

                • reply Rebecca Geoffrey ,

                  Thanks so much Mandi!
                  I hadn’t thought of it.
                  It’s a great idea. I’ll have to wait until things slow down, but maybe in the future.

                  • reply Geoffrey’s chic pendants at Polymer Clay Daily ,

                    […] Rebecca Geoffrey’s clean graphic look is hip and chic and she’s got a whole gallery of similar pieces on her IndiePublic site. She shows an incredible ability to control and exploit every mokume gane slice and cane pattern. […]

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