Geoffrey’s chic pendants

Rebecca Geoffrey’s clean graphic look is hip and chic and she’s got a whole gallery of similar pieces on her IndiePublic site. She shows an incredible ability to control and exploit every mokume gane slice and cane pattern.

It looks as though Rebecca has narrowed her web choices to IndiePublic, there’s little on her other sites. Networking has become overwhelming and I imagine that we’ll all be narrowing our focus soon.

The Tucson bead show in February sounds warm, sunny and tempting at this time of year. Just look at the roster of classes at ToBeadTrueBlue and the list of vendors. Thanks to Barbara Sosna of the Tucson PC Guild for reminding us.

  • reply Rebecca Geoffrey ,

    Thanks so much for the feature on my favorite blog, Cynthia!
    I have not narrowed as much as changed my focus recently. I am working in pottery now and trying to learn as much as I can. My polymer clay experience has come in so handy. After all, it is still clay. I hope to have a new Etsy shop and blog up and running soon.

    • reply Beth ,

      How beautiful are these! I love the intricate work, it has inspired me to get creating. I really look forward to your daily emails, it’s a bit like Christmas every day!

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