Blackford pieces quirky, intense

Leslie Blackford’s polymer clay art is quirky and powerful in its personal intensity. Most artists work hard for the kind of unselfconsciousness that flows easily from Leslie.

Currently her day job keeps her out of the studio, a difficult circumstance for someone so dependent on art to communicate.

Her “Pain of Words” sculpture in the Synergy gallery (pictured at left) was particularly poignant. She also had a silly, delightful collection of jewelry like these jellyfish and an assortment of strange creatures made from pods and twigs found around her rural Kentucky home.

Take a look at works in her Deviant gallery. Or if you’re curious, check all the posts we’ve done on her over the past three years.

  • reply Kim Cavender ,

    Leslie has a very unique talent! The magic flows from her head to her hands and into the clay in the most efortless way I’ve ever seen. It’s a total joy to watch her work.

    • reply Judy Belcher ,

      There is nothing better than having my house filled with Leslie Blackford! Birds in the livingroom, dolls in the family room, lights in both kid’s rooms, jewelry around my neck. It keeps her close to me! I treasure the time I spend across the table from her, watching the magic happen.

      • reply Ronna Sarvas Weltman ,

        I bought one of Leslie’s creatures at Synergy, and he’s now in my studio, keeping watch, adding inspiration, and reminding me of the magic in the clay.

        • reply Maureen Thomas ,

          I was so happy to meet Leslie at Synergy. What a sweet and talented person. I am lucky to now be the proud owner of one of her bracelets, which will naturally make me think of her whenever I wear it. Her work definitely evokes a response from the viewer which, to me, means that Leslie succeeds in putting a bit of herself into each piece that she creates.

          • reply Lindly ,

            Very soon, I expect a museum curator to call me up and inquire about the seminal/major pieces of Leslie Blackford’s in my collection- which I will gladly loan to the museum exhibit.

            To watch Leslie work with the clay is poetry, mastery,mystery and magic in motion- hopefully soon there will be a video of her sculpting that captures the unassuming confidence and joy inherent in her working style.

            • reply Sydney ,

              There is only one word to decribe Leslie’s creative mind…Brilliant! I can’t get enough.

              • reply Hollie Mion ,

                I love Leslie and her art. I added four new pieces to my collection while at Synergy. Her work typically works in one of two ways. It either touches my heart or tickles my funny bone. But they all speak to me in a language only Leslie knows.

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