Barbee’s Wearable Works

By the end of last week, you could spot Meisha Barbee’s work on the neck of many Synergy shoppers. She combines simple canes and soothing colors in graphic ways with subtle textures woven in. The modern minimalist design continues through her findings. The harmony and detail in these pieces make them very pleasing to wear.

Since Meisha has no web site (her studio and shop are in the Spanish Village Art Center in San Diego, CA), I’ve assembled a few pictures here. Her brothers are glass artists and they urged her to enter her work in the Niche competition which she and Loretta Lam won earlier this month. Have yourself a winning weekend.

Meisha Barbee
  • reply Lunes ,

    Oh wow – how I do wish I had been there. I just love the colours, design and feel that these pendants offer. My studio is currently closed for renovation work but it just makes me want to get my sleeves rolled up and designing again…..

    • reply Karin ,

      I’m disappointed to hear your studio is currently closed. I visited it back in April, but you were out of the state. I bought my sister a pair of earrings from you when you were in Park City last year and would love to purchase a matching pendant for her birthday in August. I have a picture of them. Is there any way to send you the picture to see if you might have something available to match them?

    • reply Katie Way ,

      My Meisha purchase is wrapped around my neck right now.I remember standing by her table for a long time at the Synergy Gallery trying to decide on just one. I loved them all! I was drawn to her color pallette! Great work!

      • reply Elizabeth Bonura ,

        I LOVED everything she made! It was so great seeing it in person at Synergy… Great Style!

        • reply Hollie Mion ,

          Mine was on my neck for the trip home, and then the next day. A couple of strangers even commented on it. It is very pleasing to wear, as Cynthia says.

          OK Meisha, when can we look for earrings?

          • reply Cindy Walcott ,

            I want to touch! Love those colors, and the simplicity.

            • reply Lisa Clarke ,

              I enjoyed meeting Meisha on the line for coffee the first morning of the conference and chatting about stripes. I love her style.

              • reply Laurie Mika ,

                I loved Meisha’s designs and was happy to hear that she was a fellow San Diegan! She has a wonderful touch with both her colors and her shapes. Both she and Loretta are deserving winners of the Niche award.

                • reply Libby Mills ,

                  Meisha’s work is delightful. I am one of her many happy customers at Synergy too. I love how she can take simple elements and make something fresh and fantastic.

                  • reply Alison Gallant ,

                    I also took ages to decide which pendant to buy and am very happy with my choice. So is my daughter and she whisked it off my neck when we visited her after returning to the UK and didn’t return it! I love the colour combinations, texture and design.

                    • reply Maureen Thomas ,

                      Meisha’s display at the Synergy Gallery was very simple, which allowed the work to stand out. The “less is more” philosophy really works for her; she lets beautiful colors and simple design speak for themselves. Awesome!

                      • reply Garlinda Price ,

                        WOuld like to purchase a necklace. What is the cost and how do i reach the artist? Thank you.

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                              • reply victoria angelica ,

                                ESTA GALERIA ESTA PRECIOSA FELICIDADES???????

                                • reply Barbee shifts colors and studios ,

                                  […] list of resolutions for 2010. In the meanwhile, you’ll have to settle for this link back to her earlier work. She sent along a couple of pix of her new sunny in-home studio as a bonus. It’s back to Ohio […]

                                  • reply VICTORIA ANGELICA ,

                                    que hermoso!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                    • reply Barbee concentrates on composition ,

                                      […] sent along a luscious sampling of her current work. (Here’s an earlier post.) Her colorways fit into small boxes that she carries between her studio and her […]

                                      • reply victoria angelica ,

                                        todos tus trabajos una belleza……..

                                        • reply emma penn ,

                                          Please can you add me to your newsletter.

                                          Many Thanks

                                          • reply Niche toots ,

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                                            • reply ANNA WINTER ,

                                              The pieces are so stylish and I am sure that one would look astounding around my neck!! Having the opportunity in Sept to meet her in Bakersfield, makes it even more special that she has recieved this award. Neat lady.

                                              • reply Laura ,

                                                Hi Meisha,
                                                I am wearing a beautiful necklace of your right now. I bought it at Cedar Creek Gallery in Creedmoor NC. I want a pair of earrings to go with it, where can I see more of your work?

                                                What I really like about your work, besies the beauty of the design, is that even the clasps are quality. TOo many time I see a necklace I might ike but the cord or clasp does not match the quality of the work. You succeed all the way around! Bravo!

                                                Laura Cunningham
                                                Mobile Massage Therapy
                                                Durham, NC
                                                (919) 280-4125

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