Preston’s Modern Manuscripts

Nancy Preston of NY sent the polymer clay piece at the left to Synergy for the auction and I finally had a chance to see her work up close.

In her art the medieval manuscript meets contemporary media and a traditional aesthetic meets modern visual vocabulary.

Her most recent work (pictured at the right) has even richer colors and more layers of meaning. It’s visually dense and delicious.

  • reply jana ,

    I was the lucky winner of this piece at synergy. I love Nancy’s work! Thanks for the feature, Cynthia…

    • reply Dawn-Marie Quinche ,

      I’m a mural painter, calligrapher, illustrator (etc.), dabbling in polymer and intrigued by the idea of collage. I am ENCHANTED and inspired by your work…WOW!!!

      • reply Heather ,

        Nancy’s lecture was AMAZING!!

        Her pieces are exquisite- even more so after listening to her discuss the evolution of her personal symbology through the body of her work.

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