Turney, Cormier, Holmes – adventurous combinations

Susan Turney combined leftover sheets of inked and leafed polymer clay with flower canes and came up with a distinctive new look…very Van Gogh. Susan was working color combinations chosen for a friend and not something she was comfortable with.

Nice things can happen when you venture out of your zone. Thanks to Susan Lomuto for the link. Read about how Heather Powers ventured out.

Dan Cormier and Tracy Holmes have left their comfort zone to good effect too. Their new web site is up and the sidebar is always open for guests and comments. Drop in on them.

The blogs are blooming this spring. There’s another new site opening tomorrow and you’ll have to check tomorrow’s post to find out where.

  • reply Judy ,

    Susan’s work is fantastic! It reminds me a bit of Klimt as well as Van Gogh.

    • reply Susan Turney ,

      Oh my gosh!!! I was just groggily reading all the blogs on my Google reader and there I was! I can hardly type!! So thrilling..and I really need to learn how to work with my photos like you did! Thank you so much!

      • reply Enkhtsetseg ,

        Her beautiful pendants inspired me a lot to play with alcohol ink. And she is a kind woman! Bravo, Susan!

        • reply Melanie West ,

          Brava to Susan for some terrific work! I’m loving where her muse is taking her. Keep it up, girl! 🙂

          And thanks, Cynthia, for the link to Dan’s new site… it was a blast to see his earlier work – it really reflected his sense of humor. While his new work is stunning, I really enjoyed the mix of fine craftmanship and whimsy of his older work.

          Both sites have given my hibernating muse a little nudge. We shall see if it will actually wake her up.

          • reply Barb Fajardo ,

            Yay! So happy to see Susan’s work here on PCD. She is a very sweet lady with tons of talent!

            • reply Melanie Dilday ,

              How wonderful to discover that Susan Turney has been featured for her fabulously unique and colourful work. I love her vessels too! Good on ya Susan!

              • reply Ponsawan ,

                Congratulation Susan, those are wonderful.

                • reply heather ,

                  there must be something in the air, it’s good to take a leap every once in a while!

                  • reply Kim Cavender ,

                    Susan’s work just continues to get better and better! Dan and Tracy’s new site is beautiful!

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