McCaw launches new site

As promised, another new polymer clay site for you. Sandra McCaw launched this stunning showcase of her work last night. It’s refined and sophisticated with a dash of New England style.

“In working with polymer clay, I am able to create complex patterns where lines seem to lose their distinction and blend, and where colors bloom and merge,” she says.

Sandra’s complex and energetic work reflects her spirit well. We wish her much success as she takes off for her first wholesale show.

Take a look at last year’s post (and some archival photos) to see how far Sandra’s come!

  • reply Judy Belcher ,

    Oh, Sandra it looks wonderful! Thank you Cynthia for letting us all know she’s on the web. Her talent and fabulous sense of humor comes through loud and clear. I’m so glad to see that she is teaching again. If you haven’t taken a class from Sandra, book it now. I’m sure her calendar will fill up quickly.

    • reply Barb Fajardo ,

      Insanely gorgeous work! I can’t wait to meet Sandra and see her work in person :o)

      • reply Dan Cormier ,

        Congratulations Sandra!

        Tracy and I were so happy to be able to feature your beautiful work in our Synergy presentation and today it’s so great to see even more of you via your fantastic new website. Who knew when we laughing at the “blooper reel” from your video in your house in NH back in ’98 that ten years later we’d both launch our websites within days of each other. Too cool! I’m so glad that we’re back in touch. All the best from us!!

        Cynthia, thanks for the nod yesterday and for your unqualified help and support. Tracy and I have been overwhelmed by the response from everyone. Your gentle nudging helped us see it through. Now we’re both wondering why we waited so long.

        Love Dan

        • reply sandra ,

          Many thanks Cynthia. Your past and continuing support of myself and the polymer clay community at large has contributed immeasurably to the growth, understanding and acceptance of the medium. You rock!

          • reply Hollie Mion ,

            Fantastic! I never tire of seeing Sandra’s work, but wish I would see her more often. Not only a great artist, but a wonderful person.

            You and Cynthia both rock!

            • reply Brooke Brimm ,

              • reply Lora ,

                Great work you do! Love the way you keep all colors separated, very precise!

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