Friesen updates, moves forward

Christi Friesen is throwing everything but the kitchen sink into her new book, Polymer Clay and Mixed Media: Together At Last. The spikes on this dragon’s head are fork tines with the full forks running down the back. The book is due out at the end of the year.

Christi’s added a few new things from her books and classes to her website.

For her NYC book signing and workshops this weekend, Christi has invited students and fans to wear their Christi-inspired works (each receives a free raffle ticket for one of her works).

Early in her career, this often-imitated artist and teacher made a conscious decision to treat imitation as flattery and to avoid feeling threatened or to let territorial feelings get in the way of her creativity. “It’s art and it thrives on community,” she says. “I definitely get a kick out of having my work so well appreciated.”

  • reply Barbara Forbes-Lyons ,

    Not only does Christi embrace the polymer clay community and shares her work and techniques fearlessly, she embraces fingerprints…now, how can you not love that?!

    • reply Ilene ,

      Christi’s work is a true extension of herself – whimsical, fun and relaxed! I love her positive view on imitation/copying. This wonderful lady certainly has it all together!

      • reply Julie Picarello ,

        Fearsomely fabulous fork dragon…love, love, love this guy! Christi is “joie de la vie” personified, and the polymer world is so much richer because this creative, sharing and funny artist is a part of it. Sending a big hug and best wishes to Christi on her new book release!

        • reply Jennifer Griffin ,

          I was encouraged to learn about polymer clay by a friend but my heart just didn’t embrace it, until I saw one of Christi’s pieces – a frog on a leaf – and I saw the instant joy of art through this medium right then and there. Her gift of herself is probably more priceless than her art. Can’t wait to get a copy of the two new books coming out, and to just “be” in her love for this art and learn from her on the upcoming cruise! [Will have chocolate!]

          • reply Iris Mishly ,

            Christie! i already miss this wonderful, funny, sharing lady!
            She’s the queen of dragons, and this one is BEAUTIFUL!

            kisses and huuuugs, good luck with the new book!
            be-hatz-lacha (hebrew-good luck)!

            • reply jana ,

              Much as admire Christi’s artistic abilities, it is she, herself, whom I truly admire. Christi has remained positive, always focusing on producing great work while staying true to her ‘mission’, plus being uber-supportive of others. She’s never threatened by people’s creations, nor their successes….she just wants everyone to be happy, and when you’re in her presense, you can be nothing but!

              • reply christi Friesen ,

                Wow, you guys! I’m grinning from ear to ear – I’m going to print out these comments and hang them in my studio for anytime I’m having ‘one of those days’!
                I really do get a kick out of having this community to share with, joke with and sell stuff to (hee hee hee).
                Hooray for clay and clayers!

                • reply Merry ,

                  Wow Christi never ceases to amaze me. Using forks on the dragon is truly an inspired idea! I can’t wait to see what else you come up with.

                  • reply Michele Norine ,

                    I’ve been awed by the detail in Christi’s art ever since I saw her work and I will now continue to…..your dragon is awesome….the use of forks is totally unexpected but fits your “guy” to a “t”….and not knowing you personally, I’m so glad to read from others about your view on imitation/copying, your sharing spirit and warm heart. I’d say it comes thru in your art and you are blessed by it….and to know you have “one of those days” too…well, it gives me hope…LOL!

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