Thanks for your concern and for the day off. The computer’s backed up and part of me welcomes this “forced upgrade”. I tried to post from my I-touch but typing was slow and it kept erasing my words. (Thanks to Sue Gentry for the loaner computer.)

I’ll have lots to share next week. Have a wonderful weekend.

  • reply Bettina ,

    oh no! that’s horror – hop you can fix that

    Bettina (who also owns a macbook)

    • reply Melanie West ,

      I’m sending my utmost heart felt regrets for your loss, Cynthia. Perhaps there is a silver lining in this, however… perhaps it’s a good excuse to buy a new laptop!!! 😉 Please know that you will not loose me as a devoted visitor… no matter how long you are “off line” – your just too good! But I know it must be really frustrating. 🙁

      Breath and please take the “time off” to play and rest.

      • reply Barbara Forbes-Lyons ,

        Aye-yay-yay! The pain…my sympathies.

        • reply Thoryke ,

          Oh, that is a sad, bad thing. And everyone who agrees should make themselves back up their own computers _today_!

          Hope restoration is possible, Cynthia!

          • reply Merrie ,

            Oh poor Cynthia I know how frustrating computer issues can be.

            • reply Sarajane Helm ,

              I hate it when that happens!
              I hope things can be gotten out of that one and into a new one….and till then I’ll miss you and the PCD!

              • reply Darlene ,

                After experiencing a complete loss of my hard drive earlier this year and losing three months worth of unbacked up photos and paper work, my heart goes out to you!

                • reply Laurie ,

                  Hope you’ll be back up and running again soon. More time to play with clay now!
                  Aloha, Laurie

                  • reply carissa ,

                    oh boy….that must be so frustrating for you! Hope you are up and running soon but like Laurie said- maybe this is a sign to do more clay!

                    • reply Sue Gentry ,

                      Glad I could be of assistance… can’t wait to hear what you upgrade too. I’m going to back mine up first thing in the morning! (That’s what I always say!…hehehe)

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