Mari O’Dell extrudes icons in polymer clay that she uses to embellish her pieces. Thinly sliced butterflies hover above a box, flowers sprout from a lid. The trick is integrating the extruded slices into the design and she does that well. This peek at her recent class work area gives you some idea of how she assembles her creations.

Mari has produced several videos on her techniques through the Polymer Clay Express and she puts their extruder through its paces.

My vacation filled me up with ideas and plans and refreshed my spirits. Happy Monday.

  • reply mari o'dell ,

    Dear Cynthia,
    What an honor and a wonderful treat to discover myself this morning online “with that person you have coffee first thing with each day” as my hubby has been known to call you. Thank you ,Cynthia, for making eachday a wonderful discovery for so many artists and others around the world.

    • reply Kim Cavender ,

      Mari is such a talented artist. Her pieces have such a unique feel to them and her gentle and wonderful spirit shows in everything she creates.

      • reply Marion Rayner ,

        Hi – I love Mari O’Dell’s work, and would like to get the ‘molding disc’ she uses for surrounding cabachons. I’ve googled for a possible source but to no avail and wonder if you could let me know how to obtain this extra Makins disc.
        Many thanks – Marion

        • reply Mary Mhoon ,

          Mari O’Dell, you are just the best. I’ve followed your work for years and am only awaiting the day when you give a w’shop near me (New York/Memphis).Warmest regards, Mary

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