Polymer squid and octopi

California’s Amy (aka SocietySedSo or BunnyXProductions) is taken with sea creatures and has created many jointed variations on this theme (including a zombie one and this gas-masked version) in many colors of polymer clay.

Her love of this species comes through in the color and detail she obviously enjoys adding to each tentacled necklace and squid pendant.

Amy’s in touch with her sunny side and makes graphic and flowery pendant designs as well.


Morris’ bohemian beads

Mixing polymer clay beads topped with delicate 3D petals and leaves, New York’s Jennifer Morris crafts romantic jewelry. She adds vintage findings, filigree, rhinestones and fabrics to heighten the retro effect.

Jennifer gives her pieces playful poetic descriptions that win you over to her bohemian worldview. What a romantic way to begin your week.

Stroll through her Etsy and Flickr sites.


Zlatkis’ mobile

I was searching for red, white and blue today in honor of our July 4. What I found was beautiful white – a polymer clay mobile by Mexican artist Geninne Zlatkis that looks like it washed up on the beach.

Geninne is an illustrator and fabric artist who has just a few polymer pieces on her site. I loved her links to felted, painted and crocheted rocks (my weakness).

Geninne has lived in over 50 houses and her husband just designed and built another one that will leave you wanting more. The light and the workspaces in this newest one are breathtaking. Take a look at her old studio here. Great daydreaming and web surfing for Independence Day.


Your tools

“Make your own tools. Hybridize your tools in order to build unique things. Even simple tools that are your own can yield entirely new avenues of exploration. Remember, tools amplify our capacities, so even a small tool can make a big difference.” – Bruce Mau

Clarke’s summer colors

Cantelope, mint and grass with a bit of sky blue…these summer-colored polymer clay buttons by Lisa Clarke match the July day.

Lisa’s afternoon experiment demonstrates the value of accurate color mixing. She tried using premixed colors and couldn’t tolerate the off-key results.

You’ve got to have cool hands and patience to reduce canes in an 80 degree house. The results are pure summer.


Polymer for gamer girls

Gamer girls are showing their pride by wearing polymer clay miniatures of game-related paraphernalia, dispelling the idea that “girls don’t play video games.”

Playstation, XBox, IPod and Nintendo systems are all part of this geek identity art created by The Clay Collection. What better way to display one’s obsession? I like the punk feminist implications.


McCambly’s polymer clay installations inspire

McCambly wall

These tangles of polymer clay extruded threads protruding from blank walls are simple in a complex way. “I am interested in the potential for emotion and nuance within an aesthetically minimal context,” says California artist Jessica McCambly of her spare, shadowy installations.

The titles of her works are equally cryptic and spare – “to leave, especially at the beginning of a journey” and “to change from the usual or expected way“. Seeing polymer clay outside its usual patterned, craft context is inspiring.

Life got in the way of my blogging today. Thanks to Susan Lomuto for providing this Tuesday treat at just the right moment.