Mishly finds new polymer artists

Ohmigosh, Iris Mishly (polymerionline) has found some wonderful links! I’ll lean on her while my power’s out and she’ll take you to some spectacular new artists with a worldwide flavor. Just for starters, she found:

  1. Lisa Henderson (LillyBriar) from Brisbane, Australia (sparkle meets organic in this picture)
  2. Teri from Regina, Canada and her moody graphic pendants
  3. Spain’s Siddiqa Summers (Lasidi) and her quaint mosaics
  4. California’s Selena Anne and her mosaic-looking chunky beads and exotic faces

Iris does her homework and polymerionline is full of new names and faces worth following plus her own pattern-rich work. Thanks, Iris.

  • reply Teri ,

    Thank you so much for including me!

    • reply Iris Mishly ,

      Thank you Cynthia! 🙂

      • reply Toni ,

        Iris is so amazing with her blog always finding interesting new artists with unique pieces off work.

        • reply SelenaAnne ,

          Wow, how exciting to be mentioned. Thank you!

          • reply Siddiqa Summers ,

            Wow, thanks for mentioning me! I didnt even know this page existed. It’s great that now I can follow it! Thank you!

            • reply Cleo and Cat’s attention grabbing polymer at Polymer Clay Daily ,

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