Leupold’s polymer process

Dede Leupold gives me a vicarious thrill on a day when I can’t get to my own studio. She posted pictures from her process in creating a masterful kaleidoscope cane on Facebook.

It takes thought and planning to achieve such delicate shading and color combinations that sing. Here are earlier looks (1 and 2) at Dede’s work and the jewelry made from her canes on her Esty site.

  • reply Iris Mishly ,

    so delicate and beautiful! love it 🙂

    • reply sylvia ,

      Any chance she might make her FB photos accessible? The link doesn’t get me anywhere . . .

      • reply Judy Belcher ,

        Love Dede’s work! Her earrings from years ago are still among my favorites to wear.

        • reply Jeannie ,

          Her facebook page is unavailable?????

          But the stuff in her Etsy shop is spectacular!!!

          • reply Melinda hayes ,

            Those are gorgeous.

            • reply Kim Detmers ,

              Breathtakingly beautiful!

              • reply june frederick ,

                love her work would like to see the process but facebook says its cancelled

                • reply Dede Leupold ,

                  Thanks for posting my process pictures Cynthia!
                  I just changed my setting on FB so everyone could view them……guess I wasn’t paying attention to that detail.

                  • reply PLaneFancies ,

                    Thank you, Cynthia, for posting the link. And Dede for the amazing step-out photos. Your work is exquisite.

                    • reply Christine36 ,

                      Bonjour,excusez moi je ne comprends pas et ne parle pas anglais!
                      j’aurais aimé savoir comment apprendre la fimo?
                      Ce que vous faites est magnifique!

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