Ehmeir’s mosaic style transfers

Austrian Eva Ehmeier (Hoedlgut) gives a little twist to her polymer clay transfers by connecting them with jump rings, mosaic-style. She’s discovered a nice way to salvage the good pieces and parts of transfers gone bad.

Eva’s giving her voice to the techniques she learned in workshops with masters like Louise Fischer Cozzi and Grant Diffendaffer.

A look at the pictures from the first Austrian clay meeting and the Wiesbaden Germany workshop reveals the fine work and growing popularity of polymer clay in that part of the world.

On this side of the pond, while I was searching for pictures from this year’s Sandy Camp (no luck yet), I came across this clever alphabet stamp tutorial on Marie Siegal’s blog.

  • reply Bettina Welker ,

    Oh thanks Cynthia for mentioning our workshop at polymer clay daily. I will post a report about the event on in a few days.
    Eva does really great work, doesn’t she? I will teach a workshop for her Austrian group next month and I hope to bring lots of of new inspiration and tons of pics to share. Isn’t it great to see the european clay community evolve?


    • reply Julie Anstaett ,

      Don’t we all have “parts gone bad” sometimes (and not just with clay!!)???? Bee-yoo-tee-full and innovative!

      • reply Dora ,

        Eva’s work is marvelous, I’ve been checking it out on Flickr every chance I get. There are many fantastic polymer clay artists in Europe !! Thanks largely to the Internet, the polymer clay community is now a global one, and I think it’s wonderful that they are being featured here.

        • reply Jo ,

          I looked at Eva’s Flcikr site and saw a ton of beautiful pieces- but i have 1 question: What is the ‘etching technique’ she uses on some of the pieces? they come out fantastic and i’m just wondering if this technique is written down anywhere, cuz i’d love to try it!

          • reply Alenka ,

            Wow, Eva is a great artist, her Flickr site is full of beauties!

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