Rich polymer clay neighbors

I’m blitzing through my weekend polymer clay reading as I get ready to go on vacation this week (not to worry, I’ll have wifi and I’ll post on the road).

You simply must click through the list of web sites of the finalists in NPCG’s Progress and Possibilities competition. There are some new faces and several familiar names have new work on their sites.

On the PolymerArtArchive, Elise is featuring a couple of Jeff Dever’s recent pieces (here and here as well) that must be seen to be believed. Go mine the riches on these sites while I pack.

  • reply Melanie West ,

    Holy guakamolie (sp? sorry, it’s waaaay too early to try to spell right)!!! Jeff’s new work is simply amazing! Kudos to him.

    And mucho kudos to all the finalists of the NPCG… oh, I mean the IPCG, or was it the IPGA or… heck, you know what I mean. *downs another gulp of coffee*

    Thanks, once again, Cynthia for another eye-popping post!

    – Melanie (on the road to Philly)

    • reply Julie Anstaett ,

      Dever’s work, I think above all others, continues to fascinate and amaze me…I always wonder, “What kind of dreams does this man have when he’s asleep?”……….

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