Considering new bead shapes

My conditioned polymer clay and tools are packed and I’m thinking about what I want to experiment with on vacation. I’m considering new shapes and these two artists are way ahead of me.

Spain’s “CynsClay” uses open rings of polymer clay to build her Calder-likeĀ pendants. The spacer beads add color and a dash of humor.

Austria’s Carina Feichtinger nestles curved leaf shapes within each other to create the appearance of larger overlapping beads.

I’ll add these two to my binder of “possibilities” that you all have provided me with. We’re off to New Mexico.

  • reply Carina Feichtinger ,

    What a honor to be mentioned on PCDaily!
    Thank you very much, Cynthia, I’m so lucky.

    • reply Cynthia Gordillo ,

      Hello Cynthia, I am very satisfied to take part of polymerclaydaily, itĀ“s a honor for me too

      Regards from Spain


      • reply Nancy Dezotell ,

        Still can’t start my day without PCD…thanks Cynthia

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