Polymer clay with spirit

These two artists look like they’re having as much fun with polymer clay as I am this week.

From France, we have Evelyne (les RéCréaTiONS de Chamade) who tries every trick in the book and adds her own quirky style to each piece. I wish I’d thought to decorate my keys as she has.

And from South Carolina, Alisa (Treasurefield) takes faux to a whole new level with her faceted gems of polymer treated to look like weathered wood. Her whitewashed pieces feel nostalgic and she dabbles in styles and techniques with abandon. Thanks to Barbara Forbes-Lyons for the tip.

I’m hoping that this vacation can restore in me the spirit that these artists bring to their work.

  • reply Kate Clawson ,

    cool! neat to see someone else had the idea of key decoration. I Di mine about 3 years ago and they have held up very well. I have ancient symbols on them to designate which one is the car and which is the house. They are done in different sizes so I can even find the right one in the dark!

    • reply Alisa R. ,

      I love Evelyne’s keys! I may have to decorate some that way for Christmas gifts!

      Thank you for spotlighting my “oh so faux” gemstones, and thanks to Barbara! I’ve improved my technique a little, but it’s a time-consuming process, so I don’t practive very often.

      I ALWAYS have fun with polymer clay, and I think we’d all like to see more of how Cynthia Tinapple has fun with it! 😉

      ~alisa, dabbler extraordinaire

      • reply chamade ,

        I discover today this article and I am very fortunately surprised, charmed, proud and a little confused, thank you for your comments on my work, I am beginner, my only goal is to fun and to carry out test.
        Afflicted for this bad English ;D

        • reply Treasurefield’s heart soars at Polymer Clay Daily ,

          […] Reading her story, I realize why it works. Alisa has been doodling winged hearts for years and it’s one of her favorite designs. “It’s pretty rare that I like something I make right away without any tweaking,” she admits. Isn’t that the way it works when you’re working on a design that’s a “natural” for you? (Here’s an older post about Alisa.) […]

          • reply Treasurefield’s fee fi faux at Polymer Clay Daily ,

            […] a keen eye and a deft hand to use the clay so convincingly. In an earlier post we looked at her faux faceted wood gems and now there’s much more to look […]

            • reply Crackled paint on polymer ,

              […] Alisa’s faux wood, faux gems? She’s got a knack and I’m off to buy some crackle […]

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