Crackled paint on polymer

The crackle finish on Alisa R. (Treasurefield’s) Sitting Pretty polymer bird, made me take another look at my project that I thought was finished. Not-so-fast! Perhaps I need to explore that lovely crackle glaze. It makes a fabulous faux old ceramic finish and might work on the mosaic I’m building.

Remember Alisa’s faux wood, faux gems? She’s got a knack and I’m off to buy some crackle paint.

  • reply Deb Tuchsen ,

    So adorable – almost looks like an old fashioned cut out sugar cookie.

    • reply Lenora ,

      Crackle paint and faux raku makes a lovely contrast (learned from Valerie Wright many years ago). She did the crackle after baking, so that’s what I do.

      • reply Alisa R. ,

        Thanks Cynthia! And Deb!
        By the way, I used Tim Holtz’ Distress crackle paint. It’s incredibly hard and durable. And for these, I used the white crackle paint, “antiqued” with shoe polish –the waxy kind. The color fades a bit after a while, but it gives a look I couldn’t get with paint.

        Very interested to see your mosaic, Cynthia. I’ve been making/collecting little micro-tessarae with visions of tiny mosaics in mind, a la Cynthia Toops, though not THAT tiny, nor as detailed as hers. I’m just after the challenge and fun.

        • reply Susan A ,

          wow I love the crackle paint. That looks so good

          • reply Jeannie ,

            I too love using the Distress Crackle Paint by Tim Holtz with my Polymer Clay. It gives clay a whole new look with so many more possibilities.
            I like the birdie.

            • reply Zuda Gay Pease ,

              The birdie is so adorable!! I love the crackle look but have never tried it on clay. Thanks for the brand tip, Alisa. LOVE your work!!!!

              • reply Shirley Rufener ,

                I love the crackle look. Years ago I used the 2-part crackle GLAZE (Anita’s or Plaid) and then antiqued my translucent dragonfly wings with Plaid’s antique medium (thinned brown acrylic paint basically). It remained slightly tacky so I added a coat of Future over it. It”s help up great! The votive is pictured in my website gallery at near the bottom of the page.

                • reply Lone ,

                  Wow – this is amazing. Thank you so much for sharing your technique – so very nice of you. Great work!!!!!!

                  • reply Ginnie D. ,

                    Love your work and the crackle bird is so neat. I love doing all sorts of faces. I’m going to try it out on a piece I made a while ago. Thanks

                    • reply Janet Taylor ,

                      Love your web site! I am new to polymer and keep getting more excited about all its possibilities…

                      • reply Heather ,

                        This is awesome! I just bought some crackle glaze today so I’m just learning how to use it.. I think it would look great on stud earrings and beads!

                        I have an etsy shop here: – can’t wait to try it out!

                        • reply Babara Newton Swiger ,

                          A general comment about this site and magazine. I’m so glad to find it!!! Beautiful work, with so many different ideas. I too love polymer clay, its such a great medium, with endless possibilities. The little bird is really cute and the crackle look adds so much to it.

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