Treasurefield’s heart soars

Hearts appear everywhere as Valentines Day approaches. This polymer clay winged pendant heart from Alisa Treasurefield is my season’s favorite. It’s for sale as My Heart Soars on her Etsy site.

Reading her story, I realize why it works. Alisa has been doodling winged hearts for years and it’s one of her favorite designs. “It’s pretty rare that I like something I make right away without any tweaking,” she admits. Isn’t that the way it works when you’re working on a design that’s a “natural” for you? (Here’s an older post about Alisa.)

On a similar theme, I like this quote from Tory Hughes’ latest post, “…during tough times, more people start their own businesses. These times give us the chance to act from our deeper purpose.”

  • reply Luthien46 ,

    Tory Hughes’ blog is a real source of inspiration – ‘in art as in life’ as she says. Her insights are highly appreciated. I’ve always believed that the fruits of inner search are better enjoyed with others. My thanks to the circumstances around her that have contributed to her insights.

    • reply Alisa R. ,

      Thanks for featuring “my heart”, Cynthia! I didn’t realize that was you visiting my blog. ^_^
      I think you’re right about what happens when something is a part of us. And I love Tori Hughes’ quote, too!
      Hope you have a LOVEly Valentine’s day!

      • reply Kate Clawson ,

        Funny I read both those blogs before coming here. I have been a fan of Tory’s for quite awhile now, ever since reading about her In Nan’s The New Clay and then in 2004 the wonderful article in Beadwork magazine.

        I love Alisa’s heart too, it is elegance in simplicity.

        • reply Cindy Ericsson ,

          I just bought one of Alisa’s hearts! Thanks for publishing this!

          • reply victoria angrlica ,

            es una belleza……………..

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