MacLeod’s new multi-media designs

Sharon MacLeod has resurfaced with some stunning new bracelet designs on Crafthaus and on her new Etsy site. It’s an innovative and inspired use of materials.

Sharon explains, “Working with an unexpected combination of materials, I create jewelry that starts with my own graphic art that I print on thin paper, which is then meticulously laminated to various sizes of small tubing, and then assembled with a variety of materials including polymer clay, glass, metal, rubber and plastic.”

See an earlier post about Sharon’s work here.

  • reply Melanie West ,

    Brava Sharon! Stunning work!

    I’ve been watching Sharon’s work since the last time she was featured on PCD. Innovative designs and beautiful color work. I love the idea of using a computer to make your own paper patterns for laminating (especially on aluminum cuff blanks – hee hee!).

    Great way to start this (VERY snowy) holiday week. Thanks Cynthia! 🙂

    • reply Lynda ,

      Bravo Sharon !!!!your work is wonderful

      Merci beaucoup Cynthia to make us discover so great artists!

      • reply Catie Howe ,

        Wow!!! These are gorgeous. Where do you buy colored o-rings?

        • reply Cynthia ,

          • reply Sharon MacLeod ,

            I get my o rings at fire mountain, too. Frustrated by the limited colors, I started experimenting and found I could dye them with RIT dye. Liquid form that comes in bottles works best. So far I haven’t seen any fading, but then the bracelets haven’t been exposed to sun very much either, so I’m not sure about that. I dye a lot of white or ivory o rings, but you can get some great deep colors by over-dyeing the other colors. Experiment–and KEEP NOTES so the colors are repeatable!

            • reply Sharon MacLeod ,

              Melanie, thanks so much for your kind words and enthusiasm. Being a longtime hermit artist, positive feedback is so welcome and appreciated and goes a long way. I adore your bio-bangles! I find them visually very powerful and so mysterious. I really love polymer clay and am trying to figure out how to make it a bigger part of my jewelry, but the tubes and what I can do with the paper continues to dominate!

              • reply Zayit Gale ,

                Those bracelets are fantastic! Reminds me of sculptures found outside the worlds great museums, only in miniature. Thanks for bringing this artist to my attention.

                • reply Catie ,

                  • reply Dave at Rings & Things ,

                    Hi Cynthia, and thanks for sharing such a neat design idea!

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