Bocchi’s wire and polymer

  • reply Lenora ,

    The NY Times experience confirms my selling experience this fall. My less expensive items are flying out of my booth.

    • reply Cindy Lietz, Polymer Clay Tutor ,

      Reminds me of the dipped wire flower petals I made as a kid, only way cooler! What a fabulous little face… so much personality! I truly love this piece!

      • reply Elsie ,

        Interesting NY Times article. I’m not sure what type of handmade craft items are selling well, but artists on eBay making polymer clay pendants haven’t sold much in the last 3 months. I stopped selling on eBay in the summer (after a very good 2 year run). However, I have continued to monitor polymer clay sales there on an almost daily basis and find that nothing has been moving and sales are poor at best over the past 3-4 months.

        • reply Laura Bocchi ,

          Cinthya thanks a lot for your words. I’m really touched !
          too kind Cindy!

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