Clawson brings organics to polymer clay

In the depths of winter Kate Clawson‘s green polymer clay tiles look especially appealing. Kate attaches one of these small gems to each of her business cards.

Her “Organic Odysseys” galleries include corn pens, cherry tomato earrings and nasturtium bracelets. Here’s her Etsy site.

Kate says that her local organic Quiet Creek Farm in Pennsylvania, “…sparked a greater interest for me to explore each plant and all its components on a level that is deeper than can be had by supermarket fare or produce stands.”

Pressing vegetation into polymer clay, Kate captures the minute details in each leaf and seed, allowing her to explore the layers of beauty in the simplest edibles. The finished work is like a modern day fossil that recalls memories of farm days and great meals.

  • reply dominique ,

    very very very wonderful
    I like your work
    domi form france

    • reply VAharoni ,

      I’ve admired Kate’s work for quite some time. Her tiny eggplants are wonderful!

      • reply Kim Cavender ,

        I’m a big fan of Kate’s work. Her textures are incredibly beautiful. It’s great to see her feautured here on PCD.

        • reply Lynda ,

          Thank you so much for spotlighting Kate’s brilliant technique! The work, and the woman, are truly inspiring!

          • reply mary tempesta ,

            I visit your blog on a daily basis and return to it often during the day…
            it’s like reading a good book!….a good book with pictures!
            Thanks for bringing it all together, Cynthia!

            • reply Jennifer Sklener ,

              Thank you for highlighting this creative artist. Those tiles are beautiful.

              • reply David Forlano ,

                These are very beautiful tiles!

                • reply ThisTinyHouse ,

                  The tiles are magnificent. I want to decorate my trailer with them!

                  • reply Harriet Russell ,

                    Beautifully designed and finished.I love them. …Harriet

                    • reply Kate Clawson ,

                      I can’t tell you how absolutely flabbergasted I am! Yesterday I did not have time to read other blogs because I was trying to finish up on a deadline for a guild challenge. I knew something was up when I checked etsy and saw some new sales and lots of hearting, as well as a huge jump in my visits to my blog. So early this morning before nodding off after another sleepless night, I popped over here and was shocked! I am totally honored by you Cynthia for your highlighting my new project of material related business cards. When I posted these last week I did not realize they would cause such a stir but it seems many in my guild want one! lol.

                      I thank all of you for your kind, heart felt words, and let you know they have encouraged me and I will treasure them! I am so happy to be part of such a wonderful community of artists!

                      • reply Janice Abarbanel ,

                        Her tiles are gorgeous . . . thanks for introducing me to Kate’s work!

                        • reply Illaya ,

                          Kate’s art is not only wonderful she is also an extremely humble person. She will be greatly rewarded. Illaya

                          • reply Gee suet lan ,

                            beautiful colors n textures!

                            • reply Emily Miranda ,

                              Hello!I love your clay tiles.I will love to adquire a few since I’m doing a mosaic project.Let me know how, when, how much, or where to buy them.Gracias!!!Emily

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