Nowak/Oksoon, glamorous approach

Izabela Nowak’s latest experimental polymer clay necklace was inspired by the column’s of artist/architect (and her fellow Austrian) Hundertwasser. (Here’s an earlier Hundertwasser post.)

There’s little information about Nowak on her site but reviewing the results of her experiments on her Flickr site will give you clues about her daring and playful approach to clay.

Reading her comments, I was led from Nowak to Russian polymer artist, Oksoon. I was struck by the fashion photos of young models wearing her pieces. Both Nowak and Oksoon take photos that make their pieces look especially glamorous.


  • reply ('Chelle) Michelle ,

    Hi, What an adorable necklace.. It gives me great inspiration to make some for my 3 older granddaughters… They will make them feel so grown up….

    I love experimenting, and just seeing the shapes and colors gives me great ideas… I love the inspiriation artists can give each other, yet come up with thier own designs…
    Kudos, and keep up the good work…’Chelle

    • reply Sherry Bailey ,

      I have always wondered why more people don’t photograph jewelry on models — even if you crop the face out of the picture, it shows how necklaces or earrings hang, how pins/brooches look in scale on a body, etc. Much better marketing than on the flat, I would think!

      • reply Lisa gatz ,

        I agree with the previous comment from Sherry. It really would make a difference to see how it looks worn.

        Izabela’s designs are fun and edgy…I like the way that she pushes the edge. A very daring and talented artist!

        • reply Tina Wade ,

          Great work!

          • reply Photos and spring colors at Polymer Clay Daily ,

            […] I’m reading up on how to photograph my polymer clay work and I realize how compelling the model photos are (see Perishables and Oksoon). […]

            • reply Nowak’s polymer bead clusters at Polymer Clay Daily ,

              […] The mixture of bright colors and companion patterns makes a flowing, sumptuous necklace…like ripe, modern grapes. Simple and effective construction is always a winner in my book. See an earlier post about Izabela here. […]

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