Kato and Eakes – Polymer clay music

“A little of this and a little of that,” is how Donna Kato describes her gallery of polymer clay work. Recently she added these music pieces. They were titled that by her mother who said simply, “They look like music.”

The making of a president

You must go and see Julie Eakes’ Obama cane. His poster begged to be translated into polymer and Julie did it beautifully. (Here’s an earlier post about Julie.)

Have a harmonious weekend.

Feldman’s Iphones

One more thing…as long as we’re examining canes, take a look at Barb Feldman’s Iphone polymer clay cane earrings which were featured in a CNET post. The editors don’t know whether to love or hate them but they sure are intrigued and the link to her Etsy site is an online merchant’s dream.

  • reply Melanie West ,

    Astounding work – Brava to both Julie and Donna! I am totally envious of Julie’s face cane work (you go girl!), and Donna’s lovely flowing pieces and colors are simply delicious (yum!!).

    Great inspiration, Cynthia… you are making my re-awakening much easier with all your wonderful posts. 🙂

    • reply Carol Simmons ,

      your canework is awesome! Obama is unbelievable, but I especially like your 3/4 portraits in neutrals. 3/4 portraits no less – are you crazy, girl?

      Your work is as clean and beautiful as usual. Congratulations on your new book! It is one of the best.

      Carol Simmons

      • reply jana ,

        I tried to post a message on Julie’s blog to congratulate her, but it wouldn’t post…so coming here to say ‘way to go’ friend! I’m so proud of your accomplishments and this feature at PCD….you are an amazing talent and just keep on raising the bar. Can’t wait to see you again…j

        And…Donnna’s new pieces…I’d seen these and loved them; also thought her Mom’s title for them was perfect…nice, Donna.

        • reply Kay Sorensen ,

          I hadn’t visited Donna’s site for a while.
          I was so surprised with her
          a little of this and a little of that!”
          That is what I started with as a title for my blog post last night.
          I changed it to: A little of this and a lot of that!

          Simultaneous brain activity?

          • reply Lisa gatz ,

            I had seen Donna’s and Julie’s work this week online and they are wonderful! Thanks for sharing this, Now I have to go and look at Barb Feldman’s etsy site.

            • reply Lisa Elwardt ,

              beautiful as usual. You always find new ways to inspire me.
              Love your work!

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