Perishable polymer

Body jewelry artist, Hermeone Lavender (Perishables), makes polymer clay jewelry that resonates with me as alien, caveman, primitive and unconstrained. The strange beauty of these pieces sucks me in.

Ear adornments meant to be worn in stretched ear lobe holes and necklaces paired with pierced nipples communicate in a language unfamiliar to me. It’s good for me to look at this perspective, even if I retreat to safer spaces. Energy and change come from the edges of convention.

When we last covered Perishables, he called Philadelphia home. Now the Etsy site lists him as Chicago-based and his line has a strong following. Thanks to Ronna Weltman for the reminder to revisit the site.

  • reply Christine Damm ,

    I’ve been noticing a design trend lately toward decay– Flickr sites with photos of peeling doors and rusty objects, magazines in book stores devoted to ‘beautiful decay’, an interesting direction to be sure! I’ve been incorporating old found metals in my polymer pieces lately and I really like the look of it. I think some artist has to push the envelope way out and then everybody notices and– as you so well expressed it, Cynthia– takes that energy and uses it in their own interpretation.

    • reply Linda Loew ,


      I loved your paragraph about Perishables! Such a simple eloquent way to sum up a feeling I share…

      p.s. and the math quiz?

      • reply BrendaLea ,

        Thanks for sharing all these wonderful polymer clay artist with us. I love Perishables work!

        • reply Jill Kollmann ,

          Thank you for the reminder that sometimes the edges and adventures are right under our nose! Or chin…..

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