Facing polymer clay

Carol (IngeniouslyCreative) lives by the Irish Sea where she has “a little fun once in a while with a lump of clay!” She puts faces on beads, rings, bracelets and even birds in her “Birdman” series which she sells on her Etsy site.

I’m rushing tonight because the winds are whistling, debris is flying, and power is likely to go out.

Oh, the link is from Ronna Weltman!


  • reply Eva/le Loup ,

    hi! ;-))
    i was just thinking about making some Janus Box-jewel necklace!
    I’ll have a look at Carol’s work, It’s so strange, nice and funny…
    thanck you Cynthia!
    see you soon!

    • reply Tina Wade ,

      Carol your work is delightful!

      • reply Martha Aleo ,

        So engaging! The work has a Tim Burton quality to it, but it is very much the artist’s. I like it.

        • reply Cindy Lietz, Polymer Clay Tutor ,

          I love to see faces on items. I find them so difficult to do myself, so I really appreciate an artist who does faces well! These are fantastic! SO much character!

          Hope the winds don’t cause you any damage Cynthia!

          • reply sandra ,

            Ronna Weltman’s work is ingeniously well done.

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