Royal polymer clay hearts

Polymer hearts abound on the web this year…altered, broken, anatomically correct, steampunked, candy, fragile and untamed. Scroll down to see some favorites.

I am waving my wand and declaring two Queen of Hearts for Valentines Day.

Tejae Floyde is all about hearts. She bounded into the limelight with exhibitions, classes and sites. And she has generously shared her encased heart technique (check the October issue of PolymerCafe). Tejae embellishes her creations with a romantic collage of patterns and words that softens the most hardened heart.

Paula Pindroh‘s polymer illustrations for American Greetings are on sale as valentines. You can see her proudly posed at Target with her rack of cards. Target is becoming design central and I’m delighted to see polymer clay illustrations in the mix.

And for the King of Hearts? Ron Lehocky, of course. Read Kim Cavender’s post about her collection of Ron’s hearts.

You will find previous years’ valentines for 2007 here , and 2006 here and for you last-minute shoppers, a tutorial from Diane Villano. Have a lovely valentines weekend.

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