Abarbanel’s polymer dreams and nightmares

Janice Abarbanel overcame her procrastination, angst, doubt and fear and submitted her entry, this Dreams of Tuscany polymer clay necklace, to the Bead Dreams competition by the April 6 deadline.

The sound you may hear is Janice crossing “enter competition” off her list. Sometimes just entering makes you a winner. Here’s an earlier link.

Now for a little tidying of my own…a couple of goodies from my desktop.

Cecelia Mabcrea has posted eight interesting tutorials on her Flickr site. The step-by-step photos and her work are good for a weekend browse. Thanks to MC for the link.

If you haven’t signed up for PrairieCraft’s free online newsletter, do it now. The last issue contained Yetta’s Cabochon Technique and there’s a picture of the results on Donna Kato’s home page. The signup is at the bottom of their page. Have a blooming weekend.

  • reply Cristalline ,

    Ahhhhh ! un lien vers notre “french belette” expatriée 😉 merci pour tes tutos sur Flick’r ! Thank, Cynthia, for those links.

    • reply Melanie West ,

      Brava, Janice, for deciding to dive in. Entering these things is like the lottery – you can’t win it if you’re not in it. Except that you gain a little courage every time you enter a juried competition. I always tell myself it’s the entering that counts the most… the rest will happen if it is meant to.

      • reply Pat Lacy ,

        Janice, I just started working with polymer clay and I find your designs inspiring. Thank you.

        • reply Janice Abarbanel ,

          Cynthia, thanks for the post – made my week! And Melanie – I totally agree, it’s the entering that’s important. Each year it becomes easier and easier. And Pat, thanks for your kind words!

          • reply Carol Dean Sharpe ,

            I love Janice’s new necklace. It’s a dream in beads and thus completely worthy of Bead Dreams!

            Carol Dean
            (Proud owner of several of Janice’s pieces ;o)

            • reply Pam Sanders ,

              Janice, congrats on the entry. It is incredible. I love the patterns and textures. I am proud to say as a polymer artist, that I own one of your fab. beads.

              • reply Libby Mills ,

                What a great necklace! And kudos to Janice for entering. I love Janice’s work and I have really enjoyed watching it evolve.

                • reply Marie-Christine ,

                  And thanks to you for the link of my blog !

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