Pinchuk, Portscheller start the polymer week

Anya Pinchuk is exhibiting polymer clay pieces in a show at Jewelers’ Werk Gallerie in Washington, DC through April 18.

In this series she embeds crystals in domes of polymer, a departure from her earlier soldered silver circle brooches. While still reflecting organic geometry, the polymer series is more playful and kitschy.

Visitors to the exhibit of Anya and Natalya (click and scroll way down) look like they’re totally engrossed in the sisters’ innovative combinations of materials, designs and ideas.

Busy week

Regina Portscheller’s polymer clay mosaic ATC card may help you start your week with a smile. “She may contain traces of nuts,” her card cautions. Indeed! Thanks to Elizabeth for the link.

  • reply Cindy Walcott ,

    I love the “nutty” quote. IMore than a smile, it gave me a chuckle, which I needed today!

    • reply Anke Humpert ,

      ….what a great piece of art and the quote really made me laught…so cool! Thank you for showing

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