Buhrman’s polymer mandalas

Texas’ Susan Buhrman (Three Eye Studio) designs dimensional polymer clay mandalas on 7″ squares. She explains that her work, “…reflects the soul’s yearning for balance and symmetry.”

I’m particularly frazzled today as I prepare for a weekend art show. Susan’s mandala pictured here, Just Before Dawn, caught my eye and calmed me down.

Take a look these unusual polymer constructions on her Flickr and Etsy sites. Her dream is to complete an installation of hundreds of mandalas for public view.

  • reply Jeannie ,

    Susan’s mandalas are stunning and mesmerizing. I wonder how long each work of art takes to complete. I can’t even imagine.
    Cindy, best of luck with the art show. I’ll send you all calming thoughts.

    • reply laurie ,


      Love the color combinations.

      • reply chel ,

        Love the colors. Wow!!

        • reply Pascale -Tana'Calou - ,

          I like this polymer Mandala…The colors, the forms, the regularity…Everything is perfect !
          amitiƩs from South of France.

          • reply Susan Buhrman ,

            Blessings to all and thanks from the bottom of my heart for the kind words about my Mandalas! if we could take a Polaroid snapshot of “creation” — I think it would resemble a Mandala. They typically take 2 weeks to complete, give or take a day and depending on how many canes & skinner blends I need to create. I’m currently working on some larger ones that will definitely take longer! Thanks again for the feature, Cynthia, and I’m glad that “Just Before Dawn” provided a little calm in your life –that’s what the Mandalas are for!

            • reply Alice Stroppel ,

              I have always been fascinated by Mandalas. Susan’s work is wonderful.

              • reply sueokieffe ,

                susan’s work has captivated my imagination

                • reply Ann Johnson ,

                  Great work susan.

                  • reply Dora ,

                    Absolutely stunning mandala ! I made a polymer mandala years ago, but nothing as beautiful and complex as this one.

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