Gazzera no-holds-barred polymer

Just what we need for the weekend, a bit of saucy, no-holds-barred polymer clay jewelry from France’s Sandrine Gazzera. It’s been three years since we visited her site which is filled with great fashion shots and dazzling color. No translation needed!

I’m ready for my show this weekend but it hasn’t left me much time for you, dear readers. Ronna Weltman sent me the link to Sandrine which was just the thing. A creative breath mint!

  • reply Melanie West ,

    Holy Smokes! There’s definitely something amazing goin’ on in France! Gazzera’s work is not only wild, it’d down right bodacious and… well, voluptuous. Her textiles are also pretty awesome. Brava Gazzera!

    Thanks to Ronna (who’s new book is a must for any clayer’s library) for the link, and to Cynthia for passing it on!

    • reply Sheri Williamson ,

      No-holds-barred is right! Oh, to be that uninhibited (artistically, at least).

      Have a great show!

      • reply Tammy Garner ,

        Wow…..this jewelry is FANTASMIC ! I love the colors, and that it is just plain bold and ‘out there’ (kinda like me sometimes!) I’m diggin’ it !

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