Timmins Mar bracelet

Look at the shine on Laura Timmins’ new Mar bracelet. She’s expanded her line and added the new designs to her Flickr site.

Her new beaded cords look terrific and I’m anxious to see what she does with them. Laura makes all her color-coordinated cords, a process that I admire even though it baffles me. Laura also has galleries on 1000Markets and Etsy.

  • reply Sandra ,

    Stunning piece Laura!

    • reply Meisha Barbee ,

      May I just say…WOW! Absolutely Stunning. Gorgeous Photos.

      • reply Cate ,

        Breath-taking work, Laura! Thanks for posting it, Cynthia. But in what way does the cord-making process baffle you, I wonder?

        • reply jana ,

          As always, Laura’s work is beautifully executed and innovative. Congrats, Laura, on your stunning work and on being featured at PCD!

          • reply Louise Fischer Cozzi ,

            What a beauty that Mar bracelet is. Gorgeous. Very wonderful work, Laura.

            • reply Julie Picarello ,

              unique design + impeccable finish = major wow!

              • reply Sabine ,

                What a classy and modern piece – love Laura’s work!

                • reply pearl ,

                  the color is very beautiful

                  • reply Linda ,

                    I don’t think I’ve ever made a comment, but I must comment on your work. I’m stunned! I’m jealous! You’re talent in creating the beads and then the way you used the finished beads is incredible!

                    Your work is breathtaking!

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